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New Index System at Lubbock's War Memorial

Second to only the memorial in Washington DC, the finished product will have 25,000 names, so finding the name you are looking for could prove to be frustrating. But a new system at the Lubbock Area Veteran's War Memorial, should make things easier.

Pam McLellan and her kids had been searching for her great uncle's brick for 45 minutes when they finally called it quits. Looking through thousands of names is an overwhelming task. "Well, I thought it would take several more times out to find them, or call and find out where it's been placed," said Pam. That is until Clayton Daniel introduced her to his magical system. He types in her uncle's name and moments later... "It's gonna be right over here," he says, and then they're at the exact location. "It's fun when you actually can find the brick."

"It's a thrill when someone finds their brick. It really is, and I get a big kick out of it," says Daniel. Daniel, a Korean war vet, is one of 12 people who put together the index. They take pictures of each and every name, and enter it into a spreadsheet. Daniel's brick is in here somewhere. So, as an example, we're looking for Clayton Daniel and on the index everything is in alphabetical order. So we find Daniel's last name, which is listed as section six, row 14, brick two. On the Memorial, the sections are listed on the bottom. So you find 16, count from the top to the bottom down 14 rows and over two bricks and it's listed right there, Clayton Daniel.

The group has put over 600 combined hours into the project. "Everyone needs something to do and this has kept me off the streets and out of trouble, and it gives you a good feeling to know your helping people," says Daniel. And because of his work, Pam McLellan now knows exactly where to go. "I didn't know if we'd ever have time to look through all these bricks, so it's real neat when you do find it and you go, 'yeah, there it is'," she says.

Currently the memorial has about 14,000 names and the names are put on the index as the bricks are laid.

Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial Index
Look up the location of the bricks at the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial. (File is large and may take a few moments to load. Hit 'OPEN' at the prompt. Excel is Required to open.)

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