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Returning Or Exchanging Those Unwanted Gifts

Many flocked to the South Plains Mall the day after Christmas, but not all had the same goal in mind. For many, Santa didn't bring them exactly what they wanted. NewsChannel 11 spoke to many of those 'bad gift' recipients about how they're dealing with those unwanted presents.

Be Prepared for Holiday Returns
Some tips to make returning that gift a little easier.

"Some of it I just didn't like, some of it was the wrong size but most because it wasn't my style," says Jenni Yeari. The reason shoppers flock to stores after Christmas: to return and exchange those unwanted gifts.

"One still had the alarm on it, and the other wasn't my style," explains another recipient, Daniel Pyle. It's a gift from her brother; one she says was meant to be returned. "He did it as a joke, he expected me to return it I think," she says.

"Every store that we've been in the return isle is really long," says Tish English. Though a few proved to be the opposite.

"We've only had a couple but mostly it's been exchanges so it's worked out well," explains Prints Plus Manager Tracey Abete.

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One gift guaranteed to not be on the return list is the gift card. "It's actually a lot better because exchanges are kind of a hassle. Gift cards really are a better deal," says shopper Ashley Seige.

They're perfect gift to avoid the hassle many are trying to get away from. A signal this year's holiday shopping season wraps up, along with the Christmas decor. 

If you have some returning to do experts say it's best to have your receipt. Many stores are becoming increasingly strict with return policies.

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