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Two County Commissioners Say Goodbye

Monday was the last time County Commissioners Kenny Maines and Gilbert Flores would sit behind the plaques that have held their seats for the past 12 years.

Soon the new year will bring two new faces to the commissioners court, yet Maines says he leaves office knowing that his work will benefit the community for years to come. "Widening 82nd street from a two lane county road to the street that it is now is something I've really been proud of," says Maines.

Flores says the fulfillment of a promise allows him to begin a new future at peace. "I promised my constituents that I would never embarrass them. I would never bring them shame to my community as a whole. That I would make them feel proud of not only myself, but the decision of a county commissioner," says Flores.

For the past 12 years the Lubbock County Courthouse has served as a second home to Commissioner Maines and Commissioner Flores. Now, as they prepare for the next chapter in their lives, they both agree the hardest part is saying goodbye to their family of co-workers.

"The people I have been working with very closely have touched me tremendously and I will never forget that. I mean that's something you can't buy, you can't budget for that sort of thing," says Maines.

"I'm not leaving employees, I'm leaving friends. I've made so many friends," says Flores.

"We're adjourned," says County Judge Tom Head. With those two words, Maines and Flores complete their final meeting as county commissioners. Now the next phase of their journey begins.

"It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve," says Maines.

Maines plans to release a CD with a mix of country and gospel songs in late March or early April. Flores will also be working in the entertainment industry, but behind the scenes as a TV and radio consultant.

By the way on January 1, Ysidro Gutierrez will be taking Flores' place as county commissioner of precinct three and Bill McCay will take Maines' position as county commissioner of precinct one.

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