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Farmers Still Harvesting Record Cotton Crop

Almost two months ago we showed you an area cotton farmer who was struggling to harvest his crop due to weather. Back then, Eddie Thetford had only harvested 5% of his 2,000 acres. He tells NewsChannel 11 he's almost 3/4 the way to completion but will face other challenges down the road.

Eddie Thetford began harvesting his cotton crop in early October, three months later he still hasn't finished. "We have approximately about 600 acres more to strip," he explains. About 30 acres of Eddie's crop remains unharvested in this field. Overall about 25% of his crop remains unharvested. Even though the rest of his cotton is technically out of the field, it remains there. "The modules will be probably sitting here I'd say between 60 to maybe even as long as 90 days, we don't know," he says with uncertainty.

A rush to harvest cotton by most farmers has created a backlog at area cotton gins, yet Eddie says his cotton is better off sitting in module than in the field. "Of course you know you could still lose it somehow by bad weather or storms but this is more protected than in the field," he says. At his rate of harvesting 2-3 modules a day, Eddie's depending on sunny weather to finish. For now, Eddie awaits the day all of his fields look like this. "You have to take it one day at a time, one row at a time and that's just the way you have to look at it every day," he says.

Eddie estimates he'll finish harvesting his crop by mid-January.

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