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Roberts to return to Lubbock on Nov. 25 to request new trial for intoxicated manslaughter

Jeena Roberts (Source: Lubbock County Detention Center) Jeena Roberts (Source: Lubbock County Detention Center)

Jeena Roberts will return to a Lubbock courtroom on November 25 requesting a new trial on charges of intoxicated manslaughter she pled guilty to in 2012.

Documents filed with the court show the grounds of appeal are based on claims that her attorney during her trial, Dan Cogdell, did not adequately represent her.

Cogdell, based out of Roberts' hometown of Houston, received a criminal subpoena to appear in court to testify on November 25 as well.

Roberts, now 25 years old, is currently serving a 15 year sentence for intoxicated assault and intoxicated manslaughter, under a plea bargain agreement.

On October 22, 2010, Roberts, a former Texas Tech student, rear-ended a SUV stopped at a stoplight near 4th Street and Avenue L. The accident killed 54-year-old Linda Smaltz and seriously injured her daughter, Bethany Vasquez.

Investigators said Roberts was belligerent after the accident but admitted to being the driver that hit the SUV. She was taken to the hospital, where blood alcohol result was 0.25, approximately three times the legal limit.

After Judge Jim Bob Darnell sentenced Roberts to 15 years, he allowed her to spend Christmas with her family before reporting to serve her time on January 7, 2013 but she failed to appear. She was found in a hotel in Houston shortly after.

Roberts was found guilty of bail jumping, and Judge Darnel sentenced her to seven years concurrent with her 15 years.

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