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Does It Work: The Best Products of 2004

First, let's take a look at two products that got the thumbs up. Remember this one? It's called the Coleman Powermate Emergency Hammer . It costs $20, and could be a life saver because it will help you cut and shatter your way though a sticky situation. All it took were two hits and the window shattered. "It would be handy to have for an accident to help you get out," said our expert.

Here's the second product that warrants the name, "top performer." It's the Pizzazz Pizza Oven and cooked a pizza in under 20 minutes. The pizza turned out crispy on top and on the bottom. This product is a must have!

Moving down hill to our two products that were quite a disappointment. The Liquid Lens ; this product is supposed to remove scratches from your lenses. But it looked more like clear nail polish was painted on the lenses. We quickly discovered it made the lenses even worse.

Our second failed product was the Eggstractor . This $20 gadget promised to take all the peel off the egg in one push. But, it left some of the shell on the egg.

Out of 47 products tested during 2004, 29 worked and 18 did not work.

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