Police urge caution after 2 pedestrians hit in past 2 days

Police urge caution after 2 pedestrians hit in past 2 days

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - In the past two days, two people have been hit by cars in Lubbock.

The latest accident was Monday morning, when Lubbock police officers said a man was hit and seriously injured just before 8 a.m.

It happened on 19th Street, west of Milwaukee, near Commander's Palace.

On Sunday morning around 4:30 a.m., a 24-year-old mother of two, Samantha Close, was hit and killed on the North Loop 289 service road near Utica Drive.

Lubbock police officers said Close makes the tenth victim to be hit and killed by a vehicle just this year.

Eight people have been struck by vehicles since Oct. 31, and three of these victims died from their injuries.

"Be careful," said Sarah Wilson, a Lubbock pedestrian, "because the divers don't pay attention sometimes."

Wilson grew up here in Lubbock and knows the dangers of crossing the streets firsthand.

"I go by the crosswalks because it's just a little bit closer to me," she said. "I've never took the chance, especially on a busy street, because I'm afraid of busy streets...like on Quaker. They will try to run you over up there."

However, not every pedestrian is this cautious.

"Sometimes it's a lot easier to cross in the middle, I guess, because the sign takes a long time to change," Wilson said. "They see it's clear in the middle, so they take their chance to go through the middle instead."

When pedestrians make that decision to not use a crosswalk, Wilson said it puts them in a dangerous situation.

"The drivers are trying to go so fast that they're not paying attention to what's exactly in front of them," she said, "but what's on the side of them."

Sometimes, Wilson said, it's the driver that is at fault, though.

"My mom…she was going to visit one of her close friends in the nursing home, and actually she was using the crosswalk and they kept turning," Wilson said. "They kept turning, and they almost hit her."

Lubbock Police Sergeant Jason Lewis said both people behind the wheel and those walking need to respect each other.

"There's lots of distractions for pedestrians and drivers and we don't want any more fatalities," Lewis said, "so please everybody, be really cognizant of cars around you and use these crosswalks and such."

Police ask citizens to especially listen to these tips during this week, because the roadways will be busy with holiday traffic.

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