Lubbock charities working to 'give back and make a better community' on Giving Tuesday

Lubbock charities working to 'give back and make a better community' on Giving Tuesday
Peggy Busch with the Lubbock YWCA
Peggy Busch with the Lubbock YWCA

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - After Gray Thursday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it's time to give something back and spend a day getting into the real spirit of the season.

Known as Giving Tuesday, people nationwide are encouraged to be generous and give back to the community.

The Lubbock Area United Way celebrated this spirit on Tuesday, announcing that the Lubbock community went above and beyond this year, helping them raise $5,841,664.

"Lubbock has always had a history of giving and responding to need, this is just another great example of it," said Byrnie Bass, United Way campaign chairman, "and the fact that it happened on Giving Tuesday couldn't be more appropriate."

However, the need in Lubbock does not stop there.

Peggy Busch with the Lubbock YWCA is hoping community members will support their nonprofit organization.

"It's fun to get gifts and give gifts, but it's also a time to look at your favorite nonprofit and support them as they're ending their budget year," she said. "It's just a time to give back and to make it a better community. That's why we're here."

Busch said donations at the YWCA increased significantly on Tuesday, partially because of Giving Tuesday social media posts. These funds will help them reach their goal to build a water playground and recreation center for the Lubbock community.

"We just need two more million," she said. "We're hoping that this mini-campaign toward the end of the year will help us get to our goal."

Another non-profit participating in Giving Tuesday is Buckner International. Starting Tuesday, all funds raised until the end of the month will be matched by generous Buckner supporters. These funds will help at-risk children and help strengthen families in Lubbock.

"You see so many lives changed and so many blessings," said Denese Thetford, Buckner gift officer, "not only those that we serve, but those that give."

However, Giving Tuesday is not only for local non-profits to benefit from.

UMC also needs donations to help provide for their pediatric and cancer patients.

"Nutritional support, travel vouchers, those kinds of things that don't always capture everyone's attention but are such a huge need that we have," said Sandy Ogletree, UMC Foundation executive director. "This is just a good way to bring awareness for those behind-the-scenes causes."

People can give back to YMCA on Tuesday night by eating at the Chick-Fil-A at 69th & Slide.

Busch said just tell the cashier that the YWCA sent you, and it will donate to their Sun 'N Fun campaign.

For more ways to donate to these organizations, visit the following links:

Donate to UMC

And for additional ways to give back during this holiday season, visit Volunteer Lubbock.

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