Frenship High School increases security after gun threat on app

Frenship High School increases security after gun threat on app

WOLFFORTH, TX (KCBD) - Frenship Independent School District has increased security measures after a gun threat posted to an app Monday.

The social network, called "After School", allows students to post comments anonymously.

The threat read as follows:

"I actually brought the gun today, yall lucky yall alive. Just wait until Thursday. First target is the main office, then any other victims I can get. Yall think I'm kidding. I'm going to laugh at yalls funerals."

Frenship High School Principal Kim Spicer said she learned about the post from her students, and contacted law enforcement immediately.

Around 8 p.m. last night, administrators sent out this automated phone call to FHS parents:

"This evening, Frenship ISD was made aware of an anonymous electronic message posted to a social media page with threats to Frenship High School. Upon notification, FISD police and district personnel immediately opened an investigation into this matter.

FISD police has been in contact with local law enforcement agencies as well as the Apple Corporation to help investigate and collect additional information regarding this message.

While we have not found information to make this threat credible, this matter is one that our district takes seriously, and we will actively investigate until it is resolved. If you have any additional information that will help resolve this matter, please contact the FISD police department at 866-4440 ext. 150.

We are thankful to our students and parents for bringing this to our attention and communicating with us today. We at FISD are taking the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of your students in our schools. A disruption of this type simply cannot and will not be tolerated.

We appreciate the collective effort in bringing this matter to a close. Thank you."

FISD and law enforcement are investigating who posted the threat.

"Although it says it's an anonymous post, there's a pretty good chance we're going to be able to find out who did the posting," Spicer said. "And proper steps will be taken at that time."

There is no confirmation if the suspect is even a Frenship student.

"If we do find out who did it, they can actually be arrested for a terroristic threat," she said. "And if we can determine that the cause is a significant disruption in the educational environment at Frenship High School, the consequences are even more severe. So really and truly, before you post something, you need to make sure you're willing to own up to whatever you're saying."

Spicer has a son who attends FHS, and said while she understands parents' concerns, she feels comfortable with the preventative measures by local and outside law enforcement agencies.

"I really do not think it is viable," Spicer said. "But I am very distressed with all of the concerns, sleepless nights, emails, parent phone calls we're getting because they really have rocked some worlds…whoever decided to do this," she said. "And they need to understand the consequences and ramifications of their actions."

FISD Superintendent David Vroonland said as an educator, there are additional actions that the school district and community need to take in response to this app.

"What we have to do is work on the child and really strengthen them, because my greater concern with children today is that they feel comfortable in their skin," Vroonland said. "That they are comfortable with who they are, and they feel worth and value in that. My concern is that these apps are creating environments that are not real, and so that is something that is on my mind as much as the threat is how are we going to manage the world for children as we go forward?"


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