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HealthWise at 5 From 1.3

  • Pneumococcal Vaccine

Only half of adults over age 65 have received a vaccination that could save them from a deadly disease, according to Mount Sinai researchers. The Pneumococcal vaccine provides a lifetime immunity to the disease that causes bacterial pneumonia. An estimated 500,000 patients are sickened with bacterial pneumonia every year, with 40,000 dying. Current guidelines recommend adults over age 65 receive the vaccine. However, high risk patients over the age of two who have heart disease, diabetes, liver disease or weakened immune systems, should also get the shot.

  • Golden Hour

In an emergency, every second counts, and if you happen to be a child, it's twice as urgent. Trauma patients have the best change for survival in what's known as the 'golden hour', the first hour after an accident. But for kids, that time is much shorter, more akin to the 'golden half-hour', according to the Children's National Medical Center in Washington. Simply by nature of their size, kids have a smaller blood supply and can face tremendous challenges maintaining blood pressure or avoiding shock following a traumatic event.

  • Down Syndrome Treadmill

Though treadmills are often associated with adult exercise, babies with down syndrome are building walking skills on miniaturized versions. Children with down syndrome often don't begin to walk until age two, about a year after other kids. Babies in a study at the University of Michigan were enrolled at about ten months of age. With the help of a parent, they children walked on a treadmill eight minutes a day, five days a week. Kids were also studied at the mobility lab, using locomotion sensors to better understand balance and coordination problems.

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