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Lubbock Lends Aid to Tsunami Victims

We're told this community has embraced the challenge in a generous way to help those victims in Sri Lanka. Thousands of miles away from a little island suffering massive damage from a natural disaster, "We're getting about 20-30 phone calls a day," said Major Ernest Branscum, Commanding officer of the Salvation Army.

He says the donations coming out of the South Plains are in the thousands. Major Branscum says they have counted $10,000 so far and the generosity keeps pouring in.

Lubbock Plant Reaches Out to Help Tsunami Victims
If you are looking for a direct way to donate a local non-profit organization like Lubbock's own Breedlove Dehydration Plant might be the answer. NewsChannel 11 visited their plant to find out what private donor's have done to help the millions of people without food and shelter.

"There are groups that are trying to organize efforts to raise money. I know of several churches and business around the city," says Red Cross Executive Director JoAnn Jackson. She says the donations keep trickling in, and they do not seem to be stopping. "We're getting a lot of donations. We have $5,000 that has come through our office either in cash, checks, or in credit cards," says Jackson.

Both the Red Cross and the Salvation Army say the community on the South Plains has really come together to help a country in need. "Let's say I've been all over Texas. I have been to big cities and small cities. I will tell you that Lubbock Texas, in my opinion, is the number one caring community," said Branscum.

Lubbock Agencies Accepting Donations For Tsunami Victims
You can drop a donation off at the Salvation Army's office or the American Red Cross in Lubbock.

If you plan to make a monetary pledge, make sure you earmark your donation to the 'South East Asia Relief Fund' . Branscum says every penny will go toward helping the Tsunami victims.

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