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Lubbock Plant Reaches Out to Help Tsunami Victims

"This plant is unique because it is the fist and only commercial plant in the world," says David Fish of Breedlove. The Breedlove Dehydration Plant is one of a kind and is located right here in Lubbock but their business sees a lot of miles. "90% to 95% of food goes international," says Fish.

The food is dehydrated, it is more cost efficient to send to countries in need; in this case, Southeast Asia. "50 million servings. The better part of the population in the U.S.," said Fish. Breedlove hopes to help 5 million families get a single bag that contains 50 servings, a family of four would eat for four days.

Lubbock Agencies Accepting Donations For Tsunami Victims
You can drop a donation off at the Salvation Army's office or the American Red Cross in Lubbock.

In the past week private donors have given Breedlove $30,000+ for the tsunami relief alone, "$7,700 from individuals, response has been tremendous, people have a concern, it is notable," Fish says. But even though the donations have been great, families that lost everything will still need food for many months to come and Breedlove will be one of the largest organizations to answer those cries for help. "At the end of the day, work we're doing people can eat."

If you would like to donate money to Breedlove you can go to their office in person (1818 N MLK Blvd.) or donate money to any American State Bank in the Breedlove Trust Account.

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