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Lubbock Police Use Help From Public To Help Crack Down On Meth Labs

News of a meth house in a NorthWest Lubbock neighborhood is prompting officials to encourage citizens to be vigilant of suspicious activity.

"We rely a lot on the public, they're our eyes and ears. Without the public we in law enforcement would not be generating into those crimes that are being committed out there," explains DPS Corporal John Gonzalez. Those crimes include making illegal narcotics. Officials estimate they've uncovered at least 20 meth labs in Lubbock this past year alone, many of those with help from the public.

A Closer Look at Meth
The following links explain how meth is synthesized, used, and its long term effects.

Gonzalez says those cases range from smaller labs from the trunks of vehicles to larger ones in homes. "Narcotics and drugs whether they're prescription drugs or whether they're illegal drugs being manufactured, that's a growing problem," he explains.

One of the main ingredients used to produce meth is ammonia - a chemical that can be commonly found under your kitchen sink and when combined with another main ingredient, ether, the fumes could make neighbors sick, unconscious or worse.

"Could it injure them? Yes. Could it kill them? Yes, definitely so," explains Gonzalez. He says one sure sign of a lab is the distinct smell of ammonia along with other clues. "When you see a lot of traffic coming by at unusual hours of the evening, that could set off an alarm, people moving things into the house that aren't ordinary appliances things of that affect into a house those are signs you should look for," says Gonzalez.

By the way Amarillo officials tell us they uncovered 36 meth labs in their region last year alone. If you suspect any drug activity going on in your neighborhood be sure to notify local authorities.

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