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HealthWise at 5 From 1.5

  • Unhealthy Triad

Young women heavily involved in athletics may fall into a disorder that puts their hearts and bones at risk. The female athlete triad, as it's known, is a combined problem involving poor nutrition, extreme exercise, and lack of menstrual periods. The Medical College of Wisconsin says athletes, coaches and doctors need to be more aware of the condition. The researchers say once periods resume after hormonal or dietary intervention, the early signs of heart disease can be reversed, though bone loss appears irreversible.

  • Tooth Healer?

A unique polymer compound may help teeth heal themselves. The composite, developed by the National Institutes of Standards and Technology, is made from ingredients that promote re-growth of natural tooth structures in the presence of saliva. The product is heading for clinical trails, and may be used as an anti-cavity liner underneath tooth fillings or as an adhesive cement to minimize decay under orthodontic braces.

  • Type "A" Attacks

Men with type "A" personalities, featuring such traits as aggressiveness, hostility and impatience, have already heard they may be increasing their risk for heart disease. Now a new study says a heart attack is likely to happen at an earlier age. The University of Wales found that men who scored higher on personality tests that measure type "A" behaviors had a heart attack earlier than men with fewer of those traits. The study took into account other unhealthy behaviors, and still found that type "A" patients were younger when they had a heart attack

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