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Lubbock Begins $1 Million Dollar Campaign to Help Tsunami Victims

Lubbock area citizens have a new challenge from community leaders. The goal: to raise $1 million by Valentine's day for tsunami relief efforts in Asia. The program is called "From Lubbock, With Love," and it involves Breedlove, the Red Cross, and the Salvation Army all working together now for the very first time.

Let the fundraising begin. United Supermarkets started things off Wednesday morning by donating $50,000 for tsunami relief, but that's not all, they are also asking their customers to help out by buying a heart for as little as $1.

Area Businesses Smother "From Lubbock With Love" With Donations
Area businesses are joining together to help raise $1-million for Breedlove Dehydrated Foods, the Salvation Army and the local Red Cross through the "From Lubbock With Love" Campaign.

It hasn't even been 24 hours since the challenge was made, and our community has already begun to extend a helping hand. United Cashier Anthony Forno says, "It feels good to try and make the world feel like one, and be like one."

Breedlove General Manager, David Fish says the fundraising is reaching new levels, and even though $1 million is a lofty goal, he as well as the other organizations believes Lubbock will not only meet the goal, but surpass it.

Now here's how you can help, starting now. Drop by any American State Bank location in Lubbock where a special fund has been set up, and ask for the "From Lubbock With Love Fund." Also, if you are a local business or corporation, and you would like to get involved with this campaign, call the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce at (806) 761-7000.

NewsChannel 11 To Host "From Lubbock With Love" Telethon
NewsChannel 11 is helping to kick start the $1 million goal set for the "From Lubbock With Love" fund.
'From Lubbock With Love' Relief Effort Details is providing a section to detailing area activity that is going on to support this effort.

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