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Battling The Weather For A Prized Pig

You've seen what the cold wet weather does to the streets. Imagine what it does to those that are outside the most - animals. The weather is creating a challenge for students trying to get their animals ready for the Frenship Stock Show, it's giving new meaning to the phrase 'dirty as a pig.'

"You have to wash all the dirt off of them because they have to stay in dirt pens out side and you need to get all that cleaned off so they look nice in the show ring," explains Frenship student Dusty Settle. Cold, wet weather makes the task a challenge for students hoping to earn a top score for their pigs. "It gets cold and their hands get cold and you can't hardly work with them and it just kind of gets frustrating sometimes," says Dusty.

"When ever it's warmer they tend to want to wash their pigs and everything better than whenever it's freezing cold and you have to tell them to get out there and wash their pigs," says Assistant Ag Instructor Cody King.

Named for his black and white coat Oreo is more than just a dirty little pig, Dusty's raised him since he was a baby, hoping to make him a winner. "He's probably my best pig I have on feed right now. He's just the easiest to work with and he's the most cooperative," explains Dusty.

After he's been lathered up, it's time to give Oreo a haircut. "They can't be showed with long hair," says Dusty.

With a shiny and clean Oreo to show, who could deny him first prize? "I don't know, you never can tell it all depends upon what the judge thinks," says Dusty.

As unpredictable as our West Texas weather, so will be the results of the show.

More than 700 students from the Lubbock area will be showing pigs, goats and lambs in the Frenship Stock Show this weekend with the opportunity to win big cash prizes.

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