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Lubbock restaurant group adding surcharge to cover cost of health care

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UPDATE: Lubbock Buffalo Wild Wings drops ACA surcharge

Howard Restaurant Group in Lubbock is adding a 2 percent surcharge to customer receipts to help cover costs from the Affordable Care Act.

The charge took effect at Buffalo Wild Wings locations and at Las Brisas on Jan. 1, and will be implemented soon at Mama Fu's Asian House.

This means customers who receive a ticket for $20 at these restaurants will have to pay an additional 40 cents.

Samantha Spitzer, marketing director for HRG, gave the following statement:

"Due to the Affordable Healthcare Act and its requirement of healthcare coverage to all full-time employees, our restaurant group has decided instead of cutting employee hours and raising food and beverage prices, to implement a two percent surcharge on all guest checks to offset the cost of the federally mandated employee healthcare with the least possible impact to the consumer."

Eddy McBride, president of Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, said he was not aware of the surcharge, but issued this statement:

"Obamacare has been a difficult insurance program for most businesses. We realize the burden that has been placed on owners to both understand as well as figure out the economic impact on their business and their employees. As more and more costs are uncovered, business owners will have to determine ways to cover these increases in the cost of doing business."

Angela Anderson ate at Buffalo Wild Wings on 19th Street on Jan. 5:

"With me and my husband and our babies, ranging from four to six months, we pay $900 a month in insurance and nobody helps us pay that. So I don't understand why we're having to pay for everyone else's."

Other restaurants around the nation have done the same:

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