Consider This...84th Texas Legislature needs to get results

Consider This...84th Texas Legislature needs to get results

Next Tuesday begins one of the most important biennial events in the state. Lawmakers from across the state will convene for the 84th Texas legislative session, and they have their work cut out for them.

Among the issues:

Public education: We need a system that will not just fund public education, but fund the best public education. Empires rise and fall based on how they educate their children.

Also, transportation: With 1,200 new residents moving to Texas every day we have to have a viable road system to get people places, safely. And do it without going back to taxpayers for the money through toll road systems.

And finally, there is the challenge of dealing with the federal mandated healthcare reform. The money to fund increased costs in state-funded Medicaid is not going to be easy to find.

Consider this:

These are the challenges of our state lawmakers. We are all counting on you. Let's put personal agendas aside and do what our friends in Washington repeatedly fail to do - make decisions to benefit the people that sent you there.

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