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Strip Club Closes in Lubbock County

One of Lubbock County's strip club's is getting the ax after a grandfather clause is broken, and some neighbor's are thrilled to hear the news.

The building know as Nibbles, will no longer be occupied by any type of sexually oriented business. A 1995 ordinance stated that all of these types of businesses could not operate within 1,500 feet of homes. "They gotta make a living, that's the way I look at it." One neighbor says the strip clubs don't bother him, but he does worry about the children. Another neighbor agrees saying, "The kids see it, and they shouldn't."

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A grandfather clause kept Nibbles in business for ten years after the ordinance came into effect, but now that clause is closed. "They can use the building for something else, they just can't use it for sexually oriented businesses." Lubbock county's John Grace says as long as club owners don't sell, they can stay at their locations; but if they do sell, the new owners will have to apply for a new license at a new location.

In case you're wondering about the city ordinances, they have two major differences. One, city clubs are designated to zoned areas, with the exception of Players. They have a grandfather clause that states they can only loose the clause if they are closed for more that one year.

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