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Boy Scouts Get Serious About Tree Removal

When it's time to throw away your tree, remember that the bin in your alley is not the place that it belongs. The City of Lubbock has three places where you can take your tree to be recycled, but Saturday the local boys scouts saved many people from having to make a trip out to one of those recycling centers.

Stephen and Cameron Warren are two men on a mission to collect Christmas trees from houses across Lubbock. It's an effort that local boy scouts make every year to keep Lubbock beautiful.

"Instead of throwing your tree in the dumpster and filling up the landfill, we're collecting the trees that way they can recycle the trees and lessen the landfill," says Stephen Warren, Senior District Executive for Boy Scouts of America.

On the other side of town, Royce and Reegan May are also working diligently to gather trees. Judging by the badges displayed across Reegan's sash, he's a scout who always gets the job done.

The Mays started their day at 6 a.m.Saturday morning and they won't stop until the task is complete.

"Everything we do we try to get the best out of it and you can't do it by sleeping in late or going to bed early," says Reegan, an eagle scout.

After the trees have been collected they are brought here to the City of Lubbock dump site, the trees are then recycled through this machine where they are made into mulch.

"Everybody can come and get free mulch from the City of Lubbock so the trees go to good use," says Stephen Warren.

"In that time we're recycling we're hoping to preserve the environment. It's what scouting is a part of," says Reegan.

Once their mission is complete there is always another one yet to be accomplished.

"I'm going to watch football or basketball. I'm going to relax," says Stephen.

If you would like to drop off your trees the three locations are:

  • 1631 84th
  • 208 Municipal Drive
  • 2002 Elmwood
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