Consider This...State of the City

Consider This...State of the City

Lubbock Mayor Glenn Robertson delivered a well-prepared and thoughtful State of the City speech this week.

The good news: record sales tax revenue, record student enrollment, new restaurants, a good water supply, and an unemployment rate lower than the state and national average.

The bad news: Lubbock's debt is higher than ever but leveling off. We are borrowing money for routine city maintenance, a bad business model for any organization - and although we love low gas prices, they'll likely have a negative effect on the economy.

The challenges: keeping our ag industry viable. Dealing with city buildings like the coliseum and the Omni building, and finding a long-term power supply for our city-owned utility.

Consider this:

I appreciate the mayor pinpointing the good and the bad. It will take collective leadership to keep Lubbock moving forward. It will take involvement, not just commitment. It will take action, not just intention. And it will take lots of focus.

As taxpayers, we should hold city leadership accountable for the mayor's plan.

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