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Lubbock Woman Prepares To Face Devastation In Thailand

While relief efforts continue around the globe, plans for helping are happening right here at home. For the past two weeks the world has watched the devastation in Southeast Asia. But for some, the anguish hits even closer to home.

"Well, when the tsunami hit and I saw it on TV, my heart just ached I'm sure as so many people's did. The difference is I was raised over there, my whole childhood was spent in Thailand and so my heart just cried out for those people where I was raised.," explains Robin Wood.

From Lubbock With Love Tsunami Campaign
Learn more about this million dollar effort to help the tsunami victims in Asia.

Thirty years later, she makes plans to return to the land she loves so much. But this time, er mission is to help those who survived the tsunami. Robin will be part of a small group traveling to Southern Thailand to provide medical and missionary assistance, including her father who is a licensed physician.

"While my dad sees patients and tends to the medical needs I'm going to be hopefully helping over in the pharmacy area and getting to tell people about Jesus," she says.

Her family helped build the very mission hospital where Robin will be working, a place so many have already been treated. "I know I have cried as I've watched just the pain," explains Robin.

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Though she's eager to re-visit, robin realizes it won't be the same Thailand she so fondly remembers. "I don't know how you prepare for that because I just pray that my heart will just be open to meet any need that comes our way, we'll be willing to help in any way we can. I love the Thai people, I love that country," Robin says.

Robin and 3 others will be leaving in less than 2 weeks. They urge anyone who is interested in going with them to contact the church, as they still have a few spots open.

They are gladly accepting any donations to help buy medical supplies and other items upon arrival. If you'd like to make a donation you can call Turning Point Community Church at 745-1390.

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