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Members of Tulia 46 Come to Lubbock for Coleman Trial

Michelle White and her daughter Kizzie White both plan to spend their free time this week listening in on the trial of Tom Coleman. Both are members of the original Tulia 46. Kizzie says, "I'm here today in Lubbock, Texas to see Tom Coleman go to court, so I can put this behind me and move on with my life." Michelle says, "I know once Coleman goes to trial and is tried and convicted and stuff, it will be over and I thank God it's almost over."

For Michelle and Kizzie, the trial of Tom Coleman marks the end of a long and bitter chapter, one they want to close for good. Michelle says, "The Sheriff and them allowed Coleman to come in and ruin our town. We didn't have a bad town. Everyone was trying to do what they had to do and it took one crook to come in and ruin our community."

Tom Coleman now faces up to ten years in prison if he is convicted for allegedly lying during an appeals trial. That's not long enough for those he put behind bars. Kizzie says, "They gave me 76 years for the Tom Coleman conviction, so I don't think it's fair that he get off with ten years for perjury, because of what he did to the 46 of us." Michelle says, "What I really would like to see happen is all the 46 defendants the ones that went to prison, all the years we got, add them all up and give them to Coleman or divide them amongst the Sheriff, the D.A. and Coleman."

Kizzie and Michelle are prepared even if Tom Coleman walks away from the Lubbock County Courthouse a free man. They'll find happiness in putting history where it belongs... behind them. Kizzie says, "It'll be a big burden off me."

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