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Cure for Night Owl Syndrome

Do you know someone who just seems to function better and last longer at night?

According to researchers, the so-called night owl syndrome is actually a sleep disorder, and if you don't like being a live wire at night, you'll be glad to hear that the problem can be corrected and the treatment is pretty simple. That's according to Dr. Daniel Kripke and his team at the University of California at San Diego. They've been looking for a reason for the night owl syndrome and they believe now that it is actually in the genes of the body's clock.

The team at USCD says mother nature gives us a way to re-set our body clock when it has trouble winding down, give the body more bright light. "It's mainly bright light that sets the body clock. If we were outdoors all day like we used to be, there wouldn't be as many night owls. People who get more light go to bed earlier and get up earlier," says Dr. Kripke.

In other words, try to get a couple of hours of bright light as early in the day as possible. Artificial or florescent light works too. Dr. Kripke says the key is bright light early in the day. You can enjoy your softer lighting as the day wears on. Dr. Kripke says study participants wore a wrist monitor that charted light exposure throughout the day.

Bottom line: research shows more light means better shut eye later.

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