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The Everflex Silicone Soft Ovenware: Does It Work?

You can bend it, twist it, and cook in it. They are pans that are way different that the metal kind. This product could potentially be amazing. It's called the Everflex Silicone Soft Ovenware, but does it work?

Your package come with one muffin, one bundt and local pan. These pans are oven safe up tp 460 degrees. They're also flexible for easy removal of the food. We washed out the pans before use, dried it and sprayed a non stick cooking spray just in case.

We russeled up a sour cream cake mix for the bundt pan. The makers say to place the Everflez Pans on a metal pan for stability. After the muffins cooled off a bit, it was easy to pop them out of the pan. The muffins looked great, and so did the bundt cake and nothing stuck to the pan. It was also easy to clean up.

Flex your wallets for this one, the Everflex Silicone Soft Ovenware Works!

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