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Teacher You Can Count On - Toni Parrish

The category is best method of learning. The answer is the idea of working with a team to come to a particular conclusion. The question, what is small group work? For Toni Parrish, this week's Teacher You Can Count On, it's the best way to learn.

"We have fractions and patterns for 300 or 400," says Parrish, a third grade teacher at WestWind Elementary to her class.

Students in Parrish's class may not be old enough to go on Jeporady, but they have the rules of the game down to a tee.

"What is subtract 1 and add 1," answers one of Parrish's students.

Not only do students have fun, they also learn the importance of working together.

"We've really gotten back to trying to reach them and to put them back into small groups and see really where they are one on one and i think they react better to you that way," says Parrish.

Parrish's students know they can count on their team members, but when the categories get tough they also know they have some extra help.

"She tells us she kind of gives us clues and hints, but she doesn't really give it to us she tells us a clue and we find it out right away," says Hector Galvan, a third grader at WestWind Elementary.

Other students are thankful Parrish gives them a chance to test their skills in a unique way.

"What I like about Jeporady is figuring out what the answer is because it makes my brain think," says Mariah Budomo, a third grader at WestWind Elementary.

Besides group work Parrish believes her most important task is developing a personal relationship with each of her students.

"When you really build that trust with them and they will do anything. They'll change their whole idea about what they want to be and their values and their characteristics. That's the best thing you can see as a teacher," says Parrish.

Parrish's ability to keep math fun and her vested interest in her student's lives makes her a teacher you can count on.

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