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Resident Reacts to New Fire Station

Ten years ago Northwest Lubbock was a much calmer place. Now, the housing market and business is booming with a promise of more to come. Something Northwest Lubbock resident Ross Green says is a concern, "The community's grown quite a bit out here and it's in need of firefighters in this area."

Green didn't agree with the decision to close Fire Station 13, which is just blocks from his house. He said, "My number one concern is response time for the fire department when you've got a large community out here and growing even more."

Northwest Lubbock Fire Station Re-Opening with 15 New Jobs
Lubbock's fire chief is asking the City Council for a new station in Northwest Lubbock.

Re-opening the station will allow firefighters to respond to Northwest Lubbock within about four minutes, that's much better than the four minutes and 30 seconds it currently takes. That 30 seconds is a world of difference. Here's why it takes eight minutes for a fire to spread. If you find the fire and call 9-1-1 within two and a half minutes, that means firefighters would arrive about seven minutes into the fire, leaving only a minute to find it and put it out. In 30 seconds, firefighters have a 50 percent greater chance of containing the fire and saving more lives.

Green is just glad that someone else has recognized the need of his community. "The community as a whole should be working for a safer community as Lubbock, not one area of town," said Green.

Lubbock Takes First Steps Toward Future Water Supply
Lubbock City Council discussed a variety of water issues Thursday, including the future water supply for the city.

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