Consider This...No more hidden fees

Consider This...No more hidden fees

Lubbock residents and businesses are starting to suffer from higher than normal utility bills mainly because of the new storm water rate that recently went into effect.

It was stated that under the new rate structure, approximately half of Lubbock residences would see lower fees.

It seems that this is not the case. Residents with larger homes with one meter saw an increase from $14 to almost $26 and the largest non-residential properties saw their charges multiplied by more than seven times from around $100 to over $700 a month.

Consider this:

I agree with Mayor Robertson that the storm water fee increase is one of the worst decisions this city council has made.

It's just another hidden fee. Hidden fees are nothing more than a hidden tax. They need to go away completely.

Did you know that almost $32 million in fees is transferred every year to the General Fund?

It's time for city council to be more transparent, stop sticking us with added fees and then wanting a pat on the back for not raising taxes.

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'Consider This' is a commentary by KCBD Vice-President and General Manager Dan Jackson.