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Traditional Couple Celebrates Wedding In Untraditional Way

"I thought he was a little different, a little weird," says Margie Jameson.

Luckily for David Rosenthal, first impressions do change because he is about to become Margie's husband.

"I don't think I found him, I think God gave him to me," says Margie.

The couple met three years ago and after Margie got to know David, they quickly fell in love. Now David and Margie are about to take the next big step in a very unconditional way. David and Margie are becoming husband and wife at the South Plains Food Bank but it's what their asking their guests to bring that makes this wedding unique.

"We asked them instead of bringing gifts to the wedding if they would bring canned food, non perishable items or cash," says Margie.

"Once we thought of this, we thought it was such a great thing because we could invite people to the wedding without the ulterior motive of getting some kind of gift," says David.

For David Weaver, the executive director at the South Plains Food Bank, it was the first time such a unique request had been made.

"I just thought that was wonderful. I thought it was just a great idea," says Weaver.

Weaver says there are others like Margie and David who donate in a way that is all their own.

"There's one wonderful lady here in Lubbock who on her birthday gives us a donation. She always writes us a sweet note," says Weaver.

For David and Margie, it's a gift that is simply icing on the cake. As the cans pile up and the couple say their I do's, there's not much advice to give to the newlyweds.

"I think what they're doing with this first step in their wedding is giving and I think we all realize in our relationship if we have a giving relationship that's a good foundation for building life," says Weaver.

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