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Woman Becomes the Oldest Mother at Age 66

When is a woman too old to have a baby? That's the debate today around the world now that a woman in Romania has given birth at age 66.

That's right! 66-year-old Adriana Iliescu had been trying to get pregnant through artificial insemination since she was 55. It finally worked and this weekend, her baby girl was born six weeks premature. The baby is doing fine. The mother is unmarried and a university professor and author of children's books. She says now, she is happy beyond human emotion unlike some observers who are asking, 'Who will take care of the child as the mother grows old?'

"There's a significant yuck factor in that a woman of 66 having a child. It's not natural and many of us feel that it is pushing science to the limit," says Dr. Adrian Lower, a gynecologist.

Even so, Adriana has landed a spot in the history books. She is now oldest woman ever to give birth. Until now the Guinness Book of World Records describes the oldest woman to give birth was just 63 and that's happened twice.

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