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Power Of Peanuts

If an apple a day doesn't interest you, try peanuts instead. The results of a three-year study show that peanuts have higher levels of anti-oxidants than many common fruits like apples or oranges and grapefruit juices. The levels are actually equal to those of strawberries and blueberries, two fruits known for their anti-oxidant levels.

"Some of our subsequent research has actually found that the skin, the brown skin that's found on the outside of the peanut is especially high in anti-oxidants. So if possible, if you could eat peanuts with the skin on you're actually getting an added benefit of the anti-oxidants," says Dr. Steve Talcott, a UF Food Science Researcher.

Anti-oxidants have proven to help prevent serious diseases like coronary heart disease and certain types of cancer. The good news is it doesn't matter if you eat them roasted, boiled or even in peanut butter. Dr. Talcott says the benefits are the same. There is a serious downside, though, some people are deathly allergic to peanuts. So before you pass the peanuts at your next party, make sure no one is allergic.

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