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The Effects of Fast Foods

For the first time, a scientific study gives us an answer to the question: How much fast food is too much?

A team at the University of Minnesota followed the eating habits of more than 3,000 Americans over 15 years. It found that three or more fast food visits a week not only add an extra 10 pounds of weight over 15 years, but that routine also doubles the chance of developing type-two diabetes.

"I think that we as parents, as consumers, as people concerned about the health of the future, we need to take a careful look at studies like this, and do something about helping to provide healthier choices for children, so that they can avoid this problem as they get older," says Linda Van Horn, a researcher.

A McDonalds spokesperson responded and Dr. Van Horn agrees with this. You can't get fat by just driving up to a fast food window. It really depends on the choices you make when you order.

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