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Where the Does It Work Products End Up

A lot of you have stopped me on the street and asked, Cecelia, what do you do with all those products after you have tested them? Let me show you.

Here they are inside the KCBD vault. We have tested 41 products and today we're having an in house silent auction. KCBD employees Melissa Gregg and Kristen Ross brought box after box of products after products. In no time, we had the silent auction set up and ready for business.

"We have accumulated all the products from the year you tested. What we're going to do is, the products that did work we're going to auction them off half of their purchase price. For the products that did not work, we'll start the bidding at $1," said Melissa.

Anxious KCBD employees responded to the "Pavlovian" announcement. They have had their eye on certain products all year. Some forgot how certain products worked. Good thing I was handy to remind them. But in the end, the auction went well.

We had four products that did very well. The Pizza Pizzazz maker had a battle to the end. We had people bid $32, $32.50, ultimately wrapping up the bid at $40.

The Liquid Lens did not work, therefore it went for $1. The bid went to John Berry for one dollar. The Chillow Pillow, it worked, but no one was interested in this product at all.

We racked up $372 from our silent auction. All of the proceeds will be going to the Children's Miracle Network.

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