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Teacher You Can Count On - Cynthia Montesdeoca

Although Cynthia Montesdeoca's official title is Spanish teacher at Dunbar Junior High, but she also gives her students a lesson in the language of signing.

"Some of the Spanish speakers get bored and they believe they already know all their Spanish but I'm teaching them proper words in Spanish and then I teach them the sign language so it's something new," says Montesdeoca.

Montesdeoca also has proof that signing speeds up her students Spanish learning.

"We went to a training and you learn Spanish in a much faster way. That way you are doing something other than just review repeat, review repeat," says Montesdeoca.

Her students have become both talented signers and Spanish speakers, but they can't seem to say enough about Montesdeoca's teaching skills.

"I came in here maybe knowing a sentence and now I know a lot of words," says Thomas Cypert, a junior high student.

"I just like the way she teaches and explains things. She explains everything to you. She teaches you," says Monique, a junior high student.

Montesdeoca hopes that the extra effort she puts into her student's signing and Spanish language skills will continue after they leave her classroom.

"That's basically what I want is for them to start using it on a daily basis even if it's in a minute way," says Montesdeoca.

For now Montesdeoca's students are more than happy to continue their learning with someone whom they consider to be the best.

"She's just awesome. There's no way to describe her. She's just the best," says Monique.

Outside of the classroom Montesdeoca is known for her tae kwon do skills. She recently was awarded a gold medal in forms at Nationals in Colorado.

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