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Creating Old Fashioned Living

Creating a community with styles and values from the past. That's what a local development company is doing.

In less than one year, construction will start on new homes, businesses, and parks on what is an empty field on 114th Street & Quaker. The idea is to create "old-fashioned living", right here in Lubbock. "This type of development encourages the interaction of community, encourages the involvement of people and people are drawn to that," explains Paul Stell from Stellar Development Company.

It's like a scene from a movie. Bringing a sense of nostalgia to Lubbock. That's what Stell is doing, designing a new community with old fashioned values. "The neighborhood's going to have a focus on a distinctive style of architecture, most of the homes will have porches," he explains.

What makes this community so unique are the Colonial and Victorian style homes inspired by the past. "Neighborhoods that we have a fondness for that we recall as the quintessential Americana neighborhood had homes with front porches and streets that were narrower and this is very much along the lines of what we're doing," says Stell.

The goal is to create a tight knit community with neighborhood involvement. Stell says a variety of homes will be built. From condos to cottages. "You have everything from smaller sized homes to very large homes. Homes that will be in the low one-hundreds to homes that will be above half a million dollars in cost," he explains. That cost comes with a safe environment, where parks and business are in walking distance. "It's going to be a community where you don't have to get in the car and drive five minutes to get to your basic needs, your everyday needs."

Ground breaking will begin in September and builders will start homes as early as next January.

A design workshop will be held where those interested can actually help design what the neighborhood will look like. For information on attending the workshop just call Gail at (806) 798-0211 extension. 100.

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