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HealthWise at 5 From 1.26

  • 3D Heart Echo

A 3D view of the heart can involve major surgery or a new ultrasound imaging device that gives live, three-dimensional views of a patient's heart. Philips Medical Systems' live 3D echo uses painless ultrasound technology to provide real-time images of a beating heart. The device can confirm a diagnosis, or reveal abnormalities that weren't previously visible. The live 3D can show the heart from many perspectives, and can help patients better understand their specific condition.

  • Hi Fi Drive

A multifaceted driving simulator investigates how drivers react to the long and winding road and even cars stopping suddenly in front of them. The University of Iowa's simulator, known as siren, collects data on steering wheel position, brake and accelerator use, as well as the driver's gazing patterns. The researchers hope to develop easily administered tests that don't require a simulator to determine a driver's ability. They add that aging in and of itself is not a reason to stop driving but some things associated with aging might, such as decreased vision or medication that affects alertness.

  • Happier and Healthier

When you're feeling happy and relaxed, cold germs don't make you feel as bad, at least according to recent research. Over 300 volunteers at Carnegie Mellon University were interviewed to assess their emotional states. After their interviews, they got a squirt of Rhinovirus, the common cold germ, in their nose. Turns out the more positive participants weren't less likely to get sick, they did have fewer cold symptoms than their negative counterparts.

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