Consider This...Demanding quick action on storm water fees

Consider This...Demanding quick action on storm water fees

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Last year the City Council voted to make adjustments to the way that citizens pay the debt for storm water abatement. Those changes came into effect this January and the results have been disastrous. Some businesses and organizations have found themselves paying as much as $690/month in storm water abatement fees.

There are two things worth remembering here. First, we all benefit from these major projects that prevent small storms from becoming big problems. Second, the city of Lubbock has 140 million dollars in storm water abatement debt that must be paid.

City leaders say that a large part of this debt will roll off between 2018 and 2021, but there still remains one major project that will cost about 30 million dollars.

Consider this…

The Lubbock City Council needs to postpone any future storm water projects until it comes up with a solution for assessing fees that has every homeowner, church, non-profit, government organization and business paying an equitable share of the cost.

And finally, let's put present and future city leaders on notice that we will be watching our bills and as the debt is paid the fees had better roll off.

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