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Lubbock Leaders Make Impact On Austin Lawmakers

It was "Lubbock Day" in Austin and local leaders hit the legislature with tough issues that will impact our city.

"To see you and to put a face to the city of Lubbock," Senator Robert Duncan said of the150 people representing the city for Lubbock day.

"This is a great opportunity for the folks of Lubbock to come visit with legislators, state officials, everybody like that...get a chance to tell our stories of what we need and what we intend to do and find out what those folks intend to do to help us," said Lubbock businessman Steve Deaton.

Lubbock officials went to Austin to show support for important issues like water, higher education, and health care. They were also there to learn about how the legislature works in the Texas Capitol.

"The governor is very receptive to water issues. He certainly understands that being in agriculture, and he's seems to be sensitive to Texas Tech University, and funding for tech," said Mayor Marc McDougal.

The mayor had the opportunity to meet with Governor Rick Perry twice Tuesday. McDougal discussed tax breaks and some of the city's setbacks with the governor. "Lubbock is really supportive this day, today, and it's very important for us," said Mayor McDougal.

Lubbock day might be over, but our leaders left an impact on Austin. "It just blows their mind that West Texas is so united and so supportive," said State Representative Delwin Jones.

On Wednesday Governor Perry will be giving the State of the State address. He is expected to highlight those conversations he had with the mayor, as well as give credit to both Mayor McDougal and City Councilman Gary Boren for their tax relief efforts.

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