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Consider This...Council members must hold the line on Omni Building costs

Last November, with no plan and little clue, the city of Lubbock determined to purchase a vacant, dilapidated, tax-delinquent building called the Omni.

Today council members are full of rationalizations and dreams for that purchase.

We've heard promises of huge savings in rents that don't withstand scrutiny. Others say the building can be renovated and flipped.

But if the city of Lubbock can barely run an electric utility that is a monopoly, why should we think it could suddenly be successful speculating in the highly-competitive real estate market?

Consider this:

The only justification for purchasing the Omni Building was to eliminate a major obstacle in the way of downtown redevelopment.

Now that it is done, I caution council members that we taxpayers expect them to hold the line on expenses and not let this become a pie in the sky project.

Otherwise, the new Citizens Tower could become ominous to taxpayers if the cost comes in at $95 million instead of $45 million. We'll be watching.

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