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The S'mores Maker: Does It Work?

How about an old fashioned dessert cooked a new way? The S'mores Maker may heat things up. It's a cute porcelain set of dishes, with a burner and fondue forks. It's usually $20, but we paid ten, because the platter was missing. No hard feelings though because we'll still be able to break the cracker in half, add the chocolate roast the marshmallow and well, you know the rest.

We took our test to Ms. Delongs 5th grade class in Lamesa. You see, Ms. Delong uses the Does It Work segments as a teaching tool. "We were trying to figure out a way to teach predictions and everything abstract. We would show the beginning of the Does It Work, the children would make a prediction," said Brandi.

Aeryk Cox helped me set up the S'mores Maker, while Shaylie Boles gave us her prediction. "Why do you think it will work?" we asked. "Looks hot enough," answered Shaylie.

The rest of the class filled out their predictions. Meanwhile, Aeryk, Shaylie and I pitched a few marshmallows by the fire. We immediately placed the hot marshmallow on the chocolate, smashed the crackers together, "Mmmmm, what do you think?" we asked. "Pretty good," said Shaylie.

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But we noticed something. "I think it melted the marshmellow but what is a S'mores all about?" we asked. "The chocolate," said Aeryk. "Chocolate doing what?" "Melting," the two kids answered. That was the problem. The chocolate did not melt.

Though, we gave it another shot. We went through the entire process again. This time, we let the hot marshmallow sit on the chocolate a little longer. But it made no difference. The chocolate did not melt.

So how did the class predict? They thought it would work. So did I, but we were smeared in the face by puffy white marshmallows and delectable chocolate. It may have tasted so good, but not quite appealing to the wallet. It doesn't work!

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