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Lubbock Receives Special Recognition From Governor

Governor Rick Perry gave Lubbock special recognition in his State of the State Address in Austin Wednesday and NewsChannel 11 was there to see Mayor McDougal and Councilman Gary Boren act as Governor Perry's special guests at the speech.

"I think it's a great idea...I'd like to recognize Mayor Marc McDougal and Councilman Gary Boren from Lubbock." In the Governor's words, the state could learn a thing or two from us wise West Texans.

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Councilman Gary Boren was floored by the experience, saying, "I never thought I'd be on the floor while the Governor gave his State of the State Address, and I never thought in a lifetime that I would be able to be up there to see it."

In his speech, the governor said, "They have a vote on wether they need to raise or lower their rate. Two years ago this saved Lubbock taxpayers from having to pay $2 million more in taxes." That was the issue Lubbock was being recognized for, and Perry vowed to use the same blueprint across the state.

Although the recognition was a highlight of a lifetime, it now means Lubbock is in the limelight, and both McDougal and Boren agree...the hard work will now begin.

The Governor also highlighted higher education, and said he is prepared to fully fund the Texas Tech Medical School in El Paso.

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