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Hercules Strength Strong Enough To Fight Cancer

A giant high powered laser called "Hercules", named after the powerful Greek legend, could put an end to cancer someday. That's what researchers at the University of Michigan are hoping.

Doctors say Hercules is even more powerful than the intensity of the sun beating down on you on a hot day.

"Basically, a billion, billion, billion times higher than that. Intensity that you can only imagine in very rare astrophysical events like explosions of stars," says Victor Yanovsky, PhD, University of Michigan.

"The pulse lasts about 30 millionths of a billionths of a second, so you take a lot of energy, press in a short amount of time in a very small spot size, it makes it an extremely powerful laser," says Dale Litzenberg, PhD, University of Michigan.

Researchers believe Hercules could revolutionize the way cancer is treated and diagnosed. The problem is they're still about five years away from testing on people.

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