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Pushing Toward a Neighborhood Dream

Some would criticize the city for turning big projects into dust catchers on city shelves. Officials are saying that is not the case this time. At issue: the quality and safety in Lubbock's core neighborhoods. The city council is concerned that neighborhoods in Central Lubbock have been slowly deteriorating for the past 30 years and they say changes are on the way.

Lubbock citizens have been dreaming of better neighborhoods for a long time. The focus, Central Lubbock encompassing about 11 miles of homes, streets, intersections and businesses.

Two City Departments Merge, Bringing Safer Neighborhoods
Code enforcement and police are teaming up to make a better quality of life for local citizens.

Finally after four summer town hall meetings GouldEvans consultants from Kansas City have a plan ready and the city council says lets move forward with it. "These neighborhoods sustained quite a bit we need to go in stabilize, revitalize, and create investment areas through policies that brings commercial development neighborhood commitments and make a difference as a whole," said Councilman Gary Boren.

The citizen's plan endorsed by the city includes widening 34th Street and enhancing intersections on both 34th and 50th Streets. The plan also calls for gateways into neighborhoods, target areas for a better code enforcement system, and consider adopting a landlord licensing system to avoid absentee landlords.

But the consultant also informed the city council the city can do it's part, but it's up to strong Neighborhood Associations to pull it off 100%.

Cyd Seidemann has lived in Tech Terrace practically all her life and is backing this plan all the way. "There are strong neighborhoods in the city, probably more so in more affluent neighborhoods. They have time to devote. But in other areas of the city, they might be hard pressed to earn a living therefore, they are not able to pay much attention or can not devote their time."

Central Lubbock Neighborhood Associations may start building strength, but in the meantime, the city plans to adopt the stabilization and revitalization plan next month.

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