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Two City Departments Merge, Bringing Safer Neighborhoods

Two merging departments have just begun training to try and make our neighborhoods safer. Back in early December, the city council thought uniting Lubbock police and code enforcement would bring more communication to our communities.

The first meeting happened Thursday, and the major problems code enforcement discussed are with junk cars, weeds, and rubbish. Prior to the merger, code enforcement would just write notices and citations, but couldn't get the junk hauled away. Now that Lubbock police are involved, they are hoping to see less talk and more action.

Pushing Toward a Neighborhood Dream
The City of Lubbock is bracing for the biggest undertaking to stablize and revitalize the central core neighborhoods of the city.

Stuart Walker and 13 other code enforcement officers are currently re-training for their jobs to make for a more effective and safe community. Even though Lubbock police have taken over management, they want citizens to know that code enforcement officers are not the same as police officers. "They can write tickets but they do not carry guns, but it's the same police will not be doing code enforcement's job."

The new department team will be working together to have more open communication to help each other with their jobs, they will take a more active approach to cleaning up neighborhoods, and both will keep their missions of public safety.

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