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HealthWise at 5 From 1.28

  • Skinny On Botox

Wrinkles may not be the only thing Botox can iron out. A slimmer silhouette may be a few shots away. The Epione Medical Corporation in California is one of a few sites offering Botox injection for weight loss. The procedure is done either through an endoscopic tube or from outside the stomach. Botox seems to stop the messages from the brain to your stomach, so you never get the word you're hungry. The treatment is only recommended for people who are 20% or more above their healthy weight.

  • BP and Cholesterol

If you're controlling your high blood pressure, but don't have a clue about your cholesterol, a new study says you need to get it checked. A Mayo Clinic study finds more than two-thirds of patients with high blood pressure also have out of whack cholesterol levels. Doctors say high blood pressure and high cholesterol not only increase the risk of heart attack or death, but work to enhance each other's damaging qualities.

  • Pottying Tips

Potty training isn't always pretty, but using a potty mouth describe the experience can defeat the purpose. That's the word from researchers at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia who studied potty training methods and behaviors. Most significantly, when parents gave negative messages about toileting, training took longer. And, starting potty training too soon wasn't helpful either: children younger than 27 months often had a longer path to potty prowess.

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