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Seminole Family Wants Others to Learn from Deadly DWI Accident

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Eloisa Quintanilla was charged with three counts of murder and two counts intoxicated assault after the drunk driving incident on August 28th, 2004. Quintanilla was driving under the influence when she ran a stop sign in downtown Seminole and hit a family of five. Both parents survived, but 10-year-old Rachel Lindsey, and her siblings 6-year-old Madelyn, and 1-month-old Yates were all killed.

Three Children Killed In Accident
Two Seminole parents are recovering in a Lubbock hospital following a crash that killed their three children.

On Thursday Quintanilla walked into court for a pre-trial hearing, she surprisingly pleaded guilty. The 39-year-old Quintanilla was sentenced to three life terms along with two ten-year sentences. She will be eligible for parole in 30 years. The family was equally surprised from the guilty plea and hope that others might see their story and think before they drink.

"Rachel was 10, she was so perfect. Madeline was 6 and she had red hair and freckles that matched her presonality. Yates was just a month old, and unfortunately we did not get to know him." It is not uncommon for a grandmother to brag about her grandkids, but Donna Hunt does it in loving memory.

"I can't imagine what it must be like everyday for my daughter and son in law," said Hunt. Dirk and Tara's three children were killed by a drunk driver, and five months later, their family wants to send a message so others can learn from their tragedy. "Anything we can say so that others will not drink and drive, helps us get through this time."

It was the family's story that brought the drunk driver to tears and influenced her to plead guilty to murder. "I hope if she gets out in 30 years, that she will never get in the car again if she drinks," said Hunt.

Although it took a moment, the family could still see the good in people. "The positives were seeing the love and support that came out of this community."

The red truck on the right is lindsey's truck that was hit on ugust 28th and it is currently in the hands of MADD, Mother's Against Drunk Driving. The family also wanted to tell their story.

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