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Ford Owners At Serious Risk

The F-150 is a big truck that could potentially have a big problem. In recent days, Ford has announced a recall on all 2000 F150's, 2001 F-150 Supercrews and 2000 Expeditions and Navigators. Ford is encouraging owners of the effected vehicles to visit their local dealership as soon as possible.

"They've done research and found the cruise control deactivation switch which is located in the engine compartment can basically overheat in certain circumstances. If that happens, it has the potential of causing a fire," says Ryan Kauffman, the Service Manager at Pollard Friendly Ford.

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Consumer Recalls
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Ford representatives say even when the engine is off, power continues to flow to the switch causing it to overheat and start a fire. So far there have been 63 reports of fires and one injury.

Kenneth Sechrist a mechanic at Pollard Friendly Ford showed us how quickly the switch can be deactivated.

"Ok, we're going to disconnect the cruise control disable switch and then we'll just tape it to keep the dirt out of it," says Sechrist.

It's a process that literally takes just a couple of minutes. You can even stay in your truck while the problem is being corrected. The only thing you lose is use of your cruise control until April.

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"Ford is redesigning the switch. In the meantime, since those won't be available until April we're basically disconnecting all the cruise controls and making sure that that potential for the fire is eliminated," says Kauffman.

Once April rolls around, Ford employees predict it will take around half an hour to install the new part. For Ford owners, it's a small price to pay on the road to safety.

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