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Lubbock Teachers Tackle Weight Loss Together

You may remember Karen, Penny, Linda and Kim sweating their way to the Oprah show last year. They wrote a fitness contract to keep track of their goals - an idea they got from Oprah herself. But after the show it wasn't all glitz and glamour.

In fact, one of the teachers moved to pursue another career, leaving the other three to keep their promises to stay in shape. Just more than a year ago, four Lubbock teachers shared the spotlight for tackling weight loss as a team; today they say they are stronger now, both physically and emotionally.

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"Oh we're more fit now than we were for Oprah."

After the show the excitement dwindled and they faced the greatest challenge of all: staying motivated.

"When we came back from Oprah we did hit a slump. We kind of slacked off for a while but we got back together, and we said we're going to have mandatory gym times there are no excuses."

That 'no excuses' approach along with one other's support are what they say has gotten them through.

"What makes it a little easier is that you have two other people."

They say reaching their fitness goals couldn't have been possible without the help of their personal trainer, Dan.

"They've done beautiful work. I'm just proud because they've stayed committed to the program. The three ladies work hard and trust me - I work them hard."

From working out three times a weeks to holding weekly meetings to keep one another motivated are the secrets to their success, and though Karen now lives in New Mexico the trio still consider her part of the group.

"We still hound her about the working out every time we talk to her, are you doing it, what are you doing. We email back and forth all the time. We really are close."

Along the way Kim, Penny and Linda have learned that on the journey to being healthy, there is no finish line.

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"We learned a whole lot through this but you can't ever stop. It's an ongoing process."

And they agree the best part of this experience was being on the Oprah show.

"Just to be able to tell the story of our lives and maybe somewhere out there it touched somebody, I mean, I hope it did."

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