Willie Jean Ume Pays It Forward: 4/15

Willie Jean Ume Pays It Forward: 4/15

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - This week's Pay It Forward segment started out in downtown Lubbock.

We set up with our pay it forward sign seeking this week's playmaker.

Willie Jean Ume was the first person to spot our sign. She was driving a church bus when she saw the sign, but she turned around and decided to stop and help a good friend out.

Willie Jean decided to help out her close friend Linda Green.

Linda lives on a limited income. Willie Jean thought Linda would be the perfect recipient of $300.

She told us that we would find Linda volunteering at a local church. We drove to the church and met her in the sanctuary.

Linda was completely surprised. She was speechless at first.

Willie Jean counted out $300 to Linda.

Linda praised God and told Willie Jean thank you for thinking of her.

Be looking for our pay it forward sign soon. You may become our next play maker.

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