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Mobile MRI Cheaper and More Convenient

You might have noticed signs across Lubbock promoting a good deal for MRI scans at $599.

The company promoting that is called Watch Imaging and it says that's a lot less money than the $2,000 price tag that comes along with having an MRI at the hospital. But the biggest difference you'll notice in this new MRI option is this one is mobile and can bring the exam room straight to your house.

"This is a facility that is actually able to offer near front door service. If you live in Plainview rather than you having to make a two hour trip coming down here and going back we're able to make that trip up there, do your scan and have it read. You never have to leave your hometown," says Dylan Hinesly, owner of Watch Imaging.

Now if you're worried about keeping up with your records, the results are then e-mailed to a radiologist who can then send a report within 24 hours to your doctor. By the way, Hinesly says this MRI is an open MRI scan, which means patients are almost completely exposed. So it might be a better option for patients who are larger or afraid of being closed in.

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